The purpose of this website is to enhance your experience of working with the Handbook.  You will find here a series of recorded meditations, and a place to share the insights and revelations you have discussed in your Core Group.  You can also send a message to the co-authors, Carolyn and Katharine. 

What others say...

This is a book by pioneering social architects who practice what they preach.  The Handbook provides an inspiring map for the journey from discovering our inner creativity to developing a supportive and synergistic community, and then to practical and cooperative actions in the world. -- Duane Elgin

I consistently recommend The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0 to anyone interested in cultivating more conscious community in their lives. Whether you want to create or deepen an intentional community, a conscious evolution study group, a circle of social change agents, or a conscious enterprise of any kind, this book contains a wealth of invaluable principles and practices. It's an exceptional "how to" guide for creating a culture for the future of humanity. -- Karl Steyaert

From the foreword, by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Core Groups are formative units of the emerging culture.  As they connect and manifest action through the chosen vocations of their members, they are even now becoming organic functional elements within the new social body—its healers and entrepreneurs, its communicators, educators, artists, managers, and leaders of all kinds.  Even now, networks of human-scale communities composed of such small resonant groups are forming the basis for the cultural reformation of the world.

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